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Where can I go for expert advice? I know that we think about this all the time. We might start a new career or are stuck in the career we have. This always goes back to what advice is good advice? Right, designers design cool things that we all love and can use daily. They design from websites, apps, t-shirts — literally anything you can think of.

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If you’re looking for someone with some important tips about designing things like these, then why not ask a designer? Don’t worry though, because this post will help you get some advice (and some competent advice) from other designers (early, mid, senior + beyond).

Designer 1:
Mid Level Designer
Every project given to you should always be treated with the same care, big or small. If your finger prints are on, make it your best work every time, because someone will always watch your growth.

Designer 2:
Early Designer
Surround yourself with positive people who know how to design.

Designer 3:
+ beyond
Stick to your guns, follow your passion. Don’t worry about the next door neighbor.

Designer 4
+ beyond
Never underestimate the power of laziness.

Designer 5
Mid Designer
My boss at the time said the best advice he can give me is to focus on building good relationships…and he was 100% right.

Designer 6
Senior Designer
Name your layers and save your notes.

Designer 7
Mid Designer
My lead told me that anything is possible with hard work and dedication, so long as you’re truly committed to doing something well enough.

Designer 8
+ beyond
We must completely disconnect from the screens, rather than focus on something else entirely productive, such as reading books by authors on the bookshelf.

Designer 9
Senior Designer
Keep your copy concise, yet detailed enough, so readers know exactly what they’ll get what action they should take.

Designer 10
Early Designer
Hearing a ‘no’ is like hearing a ‘yes’ later down the road.

Design advice from our different designers is a crucial part of any creative’s toolkit. Hopefully, you found some worthwhile tips for your own career! Just keep going!

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