Wood are the New Diamonds 💍

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When we have a special occasion to celebrate normally, we think of jewelry and how shinny that might be! In the past I would have many girlfriends getting engaged and showing some of their rings. They were thrilled to be getting married to that special person. Marriage has a different meaning for everyone. Some people want to get married and some people don’t.

To be honest as long they are happy, that’s what matters. I am getting off track. While I was living in Hawai’i I discover a type of jewelry that I feel in love with. Most people love diamonds and roses… (Guessing here). Once I knew it… I knew I hook. Koa Wood jewelry was it for me. All my jewelry to my rings to my earrings is Koa Wood jewelry. The craft of the wood formed into jewelry to be worn.

How the light reflects off from the wood is such a beautiful sight. I mean, don’t get me wrong, diamonds are attractive, but after wearing Koa Wood jewelry. I won’t be going back anytime soon.

In my opinion, wood is the new diamond. The reason I am writing this article, because a gracious friend asked, sent me an image of a bracelet they did. They asked what was my favor bead. Only one caught my eye and it was a wooden bead. As you know that reminded of my Koa Wood jewelry that I currently have. Koa Wood jewelry comes in rings, bracelets, necklaces. So the next time your’re looking for something different you can never go wrong with Koa Wood Jewelry.

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