Who is Who?

This is a brick wall a flat surface that is hard to get through.

Are you brand? What do you believe? What is the outcome you want? So many questions with short answers, we might think. The strategy is what you think. What you think is the execution of how to serve yourself and others. Challenging oneself and others is the beginning and to the end.

I’m well versed in thinking and shifting my mind to my goals. I use what I know and what I don’t know. It’s a great combination as I do shadow boxing in the gym (before COVID). Now I shadow boxing in the bathroom, the only place we have a mirror. Remember what works for you what did not. Those are the essential points to self discover. It might sound harder than you think. The bottom line is your actions and what you take away from all your life experiences — day-to-day moments, finding the right shopping experience either in the store and now mainly online.

I have been on my unique journey this past year. My last writing was back May 3, seven months later. I have learned so much and discover more about myself and my challenges when I think of challenges or barriers. You might have a different picture in your head than on my own. I see obstacles as opportunities. Those are the prime example of how I will change my thinking and mindset. With my own beliefs in mind, I will explore all of those opportunities. Who wants to be stuck? I don’t.

The hustle of everyday life and helping my community and helping others has served me well. It starts with you that you have to help yourself first. No one is going to do for you. If you want to create what matters most to you, I suggested you start making your barriers into all opportunities. Remember to engage and educate and make things that matter the most to you.

Potential is just a word. What you think will out weight than anything because what we do with action has more potent than anything else. Currently, I don’t see any obsoletes. I know what I need to see.



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