Middle School Mayhem: Navigating the Transition and Valuing Our Youth

4 min readOct 22, 2023
A arm with chalk writing on a chalk board with a yellow backpack in front.

Once again, we find ourselves in middle school, leaving behind the simplicity of elementary school. It’s a transition that marks the beginning of becoming young adults, where homework becomes more challenging, and the books get thicker.

Did anyone warn us about this shift?

What surprises me even more is witnessing how today’s kids grow up in social media, constantly comparing themselves to others. It makes me question the bigger picture. As we step into the workforce, I’ve noticed various adult behaviors, from anger to those who are quick to throw others under the bus. Perhaps some of them had unpleasant school experiences. Were they bullied? Did they get picked on? Were they left out or just naturally inclined to negativity? The reasons vary.

What’s clear, though, is that we must recognize the value of our youth and treat them as essential members of our daily lives. We need to pause and listen to them, not brush them aside due to our busy schedules. Trust me, I’ve been guilty of this too.

Our youth should actively engage with school, explore their interests, and discover who they are. Whether it’s art, science, or English, the goal is to help them build confidence to pursue their passions.

I often talk about youth sports, because it played a significant role in my life. Coming from a neurodiversity background, sports made me feel like anyone else. It was the sense of being part of a team, from middle school to high school and in college, all working toward a common goal. Through these experiences, I learned a few valuable lessons.

  1. Teamwork and Collaboration
  2. Resilience and Perseverance
  3. Discipline and Time Management

Undoubtedly, the skills acquired through sports and team experiences are directly applicable to your job. The ability to collaborate effectively, persevere, face challenges, and manage your time efficiently is fundamental not only in sports, but also in the professional world. These skills not only boost your performance, but also play a significant role in your personal and career growth. Recognizing this connection underscores the practical value of lessons learned from sports that I’ve…