• Bob Farrigan

    Bob Farrigan

    UX Lead at Wells Fargo XD - Product/Visual/UI/IxD/UX/web/icon/motion. Dedicated bit herder, pixel worker, photo chopper, DIYer, gamer, husband, and dad.

  • CareerFoundry


    Master the most in-demand digital skills and start transforming your career. Discover our mentored online courses in UX Design, UI Design and Web Development.

  • Kelsey O'Connor

    Kelsey O'Connor

    UX Writer | Freelancer | kelseyjoconnor.com | Interested in writing, design, and technology. | She/her |

  • thong trinh

    thong trinh

  • أحمد بن خالد المشعل

    أحمد بن خالد المشعل

  • Kailyn Nelson

    Kailyn Nelson

    User Experience Manager at Buildable

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