A Mac Vacation (Laptop)

A laptop and the word saying why?

I was going to start this article as something else, but then my laptop had other ideas. So I send it off to the apple store and won’t get it back for seven days. I thought to myself it might be tough, not have it and what will I do. Well I do, I have an iPad, so I am using that for now. Still, it is not the same and it hard to believe how attached I am to my laptop. I thought I would have more free time to do things, but that is not the case. My mind wanders more.

On the side note, I am doing more writing, and so far not bad. Not saying it is easy, but it something that I can do to improve. This might sound a bit out of left field, when I know I don’t have my laptop it was like I was not tied to it. I could have my mind wander a bit more and get more ideas. So for a day I did nothing when it came to any device.

I had a setting on my iPad when I started typing a letter, so my iPad said every letter as I typed it. At first, it will helpful when I was typing, then after a while I wanted to turn it off. Guess what! I forgot to how to turn it off. So I am currently on Apple Technical Chat. While they help me, I have sent images and videos to explain what is going on. So technology always helps us and can also annoy us. Always thinking it might be better on the other side.

So this week I’m learning about my devices, what things can go wrong. In a way, it builds character and is just an unusual way of looking at life. I’ll finish it here and until next time I talk to a help desk as they make my social world.

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