Its is a money with their hands on their ears

We’re all in the same boat, or should I say design. We’ve all been there: you are in a meeting, and they tell you that your design sucks. This blog post helps us improve our skills, so we can be better designers! It’s hard not to take feedback personally, but you have to remember that it is a subjective opinion. It might be the truth for someone else, not your own personal experience can make you a better designer.

Many people are concerned about this issue because they feel their existence as an individual is based on how others perceive…

The first time meeting someone can feel intimidating, but these calls will help introduce your potential employer to who they’re getting in contact for future meetings, so there won’t be any surprises when things go south later down the line.

It is a black phone

You’ve had prep for this call, and you are waiting anxiously by the phone. Suddenly there’s a click on your earpiece — it’s time! You’re about to embark on an interview adventure that will change not only how well-paying jobs come into play, but also what types of people we can become as individuals: confident enough in ourselves with know…

Wow, you got rejected!

I know it’s that word rejected! How I think of rejected is not the right timing for NOW. Yes, now. I know that feeling when you want that job so intense, it turns out you were not right. “Something”, to be honest, it could be many things?”” Was it your interview style? Was it your portfolio? …. Yeah, the list goes on.

Since you’re taking a break and getting your mind off from your last interview. How about these questions, how would you handle them below?

1. What are your thoughts on interviewing UX candidates as…

Have you been feeling like your job is never going to get any better?

A orange carrot

They dangle that carrot in front of us, and we only can’t seem to catch it. So what do you need, a plan or some encouragement? I mean seriously, who wants their life stuck on pause while they work for someone else’s dream at the cost of theirs! Your passion may be sitting outside waiting for you, but it’s not easy to overcome fear when everything feels so comfortable where have always been. We all want to achieve our goals, and it often seems like we’re…

When you start your career or attempt to focus on the current one, what do you do when it all goes wrong? Do you curl up in a corner and cry until things go back to normal (sometimes), but then again it’s a setback. When one thing fails, do you cry or fight back? What’s more important to the success of you: staying positive when things go wrong, taking action and bouncing back into it.

A yellow face that has a tear coming down its face.

What is it like being on one of those never-ending rollercoasters? It’s exhausting, isn’t it? With the wheel going in all directions without any clear…

I am sure you have read countless articles and books about design strategies. Right, it can mean many things, but I learned from an executive that the design strategy is something more than I could imagine.

This a yellow pencil.

As designers, we sometimes forget about the business side, but we have to understand the business, services and align it to our clients’ needs. Let’s talk about budget. Let’s say you worked on a design project for one year and spent 50K on it, and it turns out your target market didn’t like it. On the flip side, you worked with your team on…

Photo by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

When faced with a negative attitude, it is important to remember that your own negativity can be contagious and will only hurt you in the long run. It’s best not to get into an argument or give them any more power than they already have. Instead of reacting negatively to yourself, focus on what makes you happy and how wise being positive feels for everyone involved!

A graduation hat

The summer has come to an end, and everyone is ready for the fall. Seasons change, people move to other cities. People lose loved ones in the midst of everything happening. People get new jobs, others change their jobs and careers. Maybe you’re stuck in a job you imagined love, but it turns out that love for your job is gone. So my question is, how can you change it or bring about something new? Some people can get lost, maybe they are not sure where to go. …

Time sander

It’s hard to keep track of all the things we want or are supposed to do. Sometimes it feels like there is always something that needs our attention, but most times they’re nagging thoughts and worries about what could happen if we forget them — so much for enjoying life! Spring cleaning can help us release unnecessary items from taking up space in our closets, while also giving us more time and mental clarity to focus on other important tasks, including paying bills before interest rates go up next month.

What happens when you have too many things going on…


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